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Q4 2022:
  • Community Byuilding
  • AiWallet Website Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • Api Development
Q1 2023:
  • Release AiWallet to Play Store
  • Swap Features
  • NFT Support
  • Launch AiWallet Token
  • CMC/CG/CEX Listing
  • Staking
Q2 2023:
  • Certik Audit
  • Crypto buy with Fiat
  • Blockchain & Explorer
  • Partnership
  • Decentralized Exchange
Q3 2023:
  • Wallet Browser Extention
  • Implementing Chat GPT-3
  • Dex Limit order
  • Future Trading
  • Partnership with top tier Exchange
With this roadmap, the AiWallet project aims to build a strong community, develop a comprehensive platform for managing digital assets, and provide an accessible and user-friendly experience for users. The team behind AiWallet is dedicated to delivering a top-notch crypto wallet and continuously improving it to meet the needs of the crypto community.